Deon & Janine | Surprise Proposal

On Monday the 25th of July Deon proposed to Janine in one of the sweetest ways ever.

Deon planned a whole day of surprises for Janine and I photographed every single one. It was so exciting, I felt like a spy 🙂 Firstly she was surprised with breakfast in bed that followed by a nail appointment at Sorbet accompanied by her sister. The lovely ladies at Sorbet played along and we were able to get beautiful images while her nails are being done. After her nail appointment, she met one of her friends for some shopping. Janine bought the most beautiful dress and coat at YDE for the evening.

Next on her agenda was lunch at Irene Dairy Farm with her two brothers. Deon wanted all her loved one’s involved in this special day and everyone played their part perfectly. After lunch, Janine was taken to the gorgeous, Duke & Duchess Hotel where another friend waited for her in the room. You can just imagine the happiness and excitement in that room. That is where she got all dolled up for her special evening out with the love of her life.

For the final part of the day, Deon picked her up at the hotel and escorted her to the Bank Tower in Pretoria. Deon and his cousin, Julius, spent the whole day decorating the rooftop of the Bank Tower with fairy lights, lanterns, and roses. Everything up to perfection.

After Deon popped the question we had a few minutes photo session to document the newly engaged couple.

Enjoy some of the highlights of the evening.
Lots of love,


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