I’ll just come right out and say it: I’m a hopeless romantic!  Always have been and always will be.


It might be the reason why I started photographing weddings in the first place because I get lost in love stories completely. They consume me and fill my heart with so much love and happiness that I almost always think back to the time I met my (then future) husband at a friend’s wedding in 2015.  Now that is a story I love wholeheartedly!


You could label it as love at first sight because what followed was an epic love story, a beautiful winter wedding in 2017, and now, the tale of a happy household based in the North-West.  On the 27th of March 2021, our lives were forever changed when we welcomed our baby girl, Nina into the world.  Oh, and we live with our two dachshund babies, Bloom and Luna, who really make working from home so much fun!


It’s not just that I love capturing weddings. It’s capturing the story, the wondrous tale of two people who fell in love and who wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  For me, that is the reason why the world spins.  If I’m not witnessing these magical stories, I’m busy creating an adventurous life with my husband.


We love discovering new cultures and countries and on Sundays, you’ll find us on the couch drinking coffee and dreaming up our next travel destination. Summer is my favorite season, I love the calming effect of running water, which is why we completed our underwater diver’s course which opened up a whole new world for us!


I’d love to meet you, to visualize and dream about your wedding with you.


With Love & Grace, Nadia


Family Portraits by Charl van der Merwe



I understand that no two weddings or shoots are the same, which is exactly why my approach is always very personal and particular to who you are as a couple. If you are comfortable in front of the camera then I’ll let you take the lead and we’ll have a great time, but if not, I’ll guide you and do my absolute best to put you at ease – and I bet we’ll still have a great time! Our end goal remains the same: to capture a beautiful, momentous time in your life that will tell a captivating story one day, through my photographs.


My photography style and approach is very natural and my editing; timeless, modern and clear. I’d like to think that one day you’ll look back at your photos and still be as in love with them like the first time you saw it. I love shooting with natural light, to keep the setting effortless and elegant. I also prefer to blend into the background to capture those candid moments you’ll want to look back on. But ultimately, I want to assist in creating an effortless environment for you to enjoy and celebrate this big moment.