Andy & Sanny’s Magical Rainy Lace on Timber Wedding

On a beautiful day in October 2018, Andy & Sanny tied the knot at Lace on Timber in Pretoria.  They planned an outside ceremony, but the weather had something different in mind for them. The rain came pouring down the first time when we started capturing Andy’s groom’s portraits, the second time while we were busy with Sanny’s bridal portraits and again minutes after the service started, but everything worked out perfectly. The weather cleared up every single time when we had to move from one location to the other and the wonderful staff at Lace on Timber had prepared for an indoor & outdoor ceremony just to be safe.

A few months before the wedding the couple did an amazing wedding couple shoot in Taiwan, 4 different dresses and 4 different locations, you can find one of their images down below next to their gorgeous SJ Couture Cake.

All their family flew in from Taiwan which made this day even more special. Sanny’s bother officiated the wedding and he had everyone in stitches from the laughter. We were surprised one last time by the rain while we were busy capturing the bridal party, but it made for amazing photos.
After the rain cleared we were blessed with the most amazing soft sunset. Andy & Sanny is the most beautiful, fun-loving couple to have in front of the camera. I really enjoyed them as a couple and cannot wait to capture future adventures that await them.

Enjoy their blog post and remember to tell me what you think at the end 🙂

Have a look at their gorgeous engagement shoot here.

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